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  1. Holla die Waldfee, oder hallo. Ne ich meinte nur so. Manche verstehen sicher nicht was der Ausdruck Loge mit sich bringt oder Bruderschaft. Ich denke das ist eine sehr brüderliche Atmosphäre in der man zusammenhält, auch Geheimnisse hütet und schaut das man eben eine Einheit bildet. Oder was für ein Konzept habt ihr genau gedacht? Mit welcher Intention seit ihr unterwegs, wie wollt ihr wirken?
  2. Wollt ihr auch in eine Loge involviert werden? Pssst.
  3. Yes, that would be fun. But there can not be any invincible PvP ships, I would say. The idea of being able to make voxels transparent by processing them industrially is already enough.
  4. Different voxels, with different degrees of hardness would make sense. build dome like structures with it on planets is a nice idear. Also Voxelmancy, a good idea. Above all, I think of the destructibility of constructs in PvP.
  5. I am especially concerned that a ship could consist of PvP safe voxels. If windows and glass are the only materials you can look through, then everyone wants to build their bridge or cockpit out of glass so that you can see something while flying. There will not be a 3rd person. To see something in his ship you have to build glass. And then glass could not be PvP safe and quickly destroyed? Therefore it would be cool if you could decide for yourself that you can make all voxels as transparent, but with the same security, Health Power (HP) as the normal voxels. Do you understand me?
  6. The idea of a sheath transparent as needed, as for an observatory is my wish.
  7. It would be nice if you could make voxels through upgreats or processing transparent. Voxels from which one could look from inside to outside or vice versa. So you could save the glass panes or windows and eg. Upgrade a stalwart voxel on a PvP ship to minimize the vulnerabilities. With LUA you could control the transparency function.
  8. discordauth:Qp7FOZ5g4G_NbGmmJ75P-qhE4ctp_4i6dE5jcxWvys8=

  9. Hyperion wächst und gedeit. Wir haben wirklich Spezialisten an Board die von LUA bis Forschung alles abdecken. Muss sagen ich hab mich für die richtige Corp entschieden.
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