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Building in my vision

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I'm looking forward to see this game, but right now I play Robocraft and Space Engineers.

I like building mechanic in Space Engineers. But it is very simple or even primitive for MMO.


So what would be very cool for MMO building:


-Building based on player level / rank / reputation (size, energy of ship. So as higher level of player, as bigger ships player can build)

-Tech-Tree (with massive amount of variations and only 5-10% choose, so players will need to cooperate/trade)

-Some very rare resources and dependence on them (not get 100k ore and forget for ages). So players need explore space often.

-Special components crafting, so high end items/modules will be hard creatable

-Some special items/modules require rank and reputation (for same reason as previous)

-Blueprints (drop if PvE would be available and sell for special currencies)

-Special class (mmoRPG must include some classes) items/modules




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rather than by player level ect I am pretty sure that the building limits would be how much resources the player can bring to bare. I am sure the resources and level of the player will be reasonably linked.

This will probably be the effect for the tech tree as you will have to have to have the resources to unlock the blueprints (probably quite a bit more that per unit of object)


for your items/modules requiring rank/reputation idea this would still work as maybe the resources needed would be require the higher amount of resources that can only be accessed by someone of high rank in a medium to large organization.


We are still yet to see how much/what the RPG elements will mean/affect gameplay

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