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Hello from Ai Austin

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Hi everyone, looking forward to adventures and experiences in the dual universe.


I like to try things, and especially at an early stage of development while ideas can still be input and change things.


I use a range of simulation "games" and environments in my entertainment and professional worlds. SciFi and space themed worlds are of particular interest. And even more interesting the more open they are. I tend to like open ended exploration rather than battle and prefer cooperation rather than conflict.


I am or have been alpha and beta tester in a range of environments some still not publicly available.


I like very realistic rendering, and hope we don't get low quality lego style worlds.


Peace and love in the (dual) universe to all :-)

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I am very much into Second Life and OpenSim and run an OpenSim grid and manage several Second Life educational regions. But I occasionally pop in to some of the role play areas in Second Life... think Pandora and the Na'vi people.


I have tried Project Entropia a bit... but the boring mining and slow game play is not of interest.. though some folks taking me off world in their expensive ships was more like it.


On a recent degree course I also tried World of Warcraft for the first time.. again the linear play involving simplistic challenges and quests and moving back and forth over the same ground as boring. But travel by griffon, dwarf underground trains, and long distance ships again was more like it.


I do a bit of 3D modelling especially for sciece fiction related craft... Gerry Anderson Supercar and Fireball X!5 especially... which may date me. And have repurposed these models in Flight Simulators, Orbiter and Celestia space simulators, Second Life, OpenSim, and in upcoming virtual worlds like High Fidelity.

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