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Southern Cross High Guard is recruiting once more (Aus/NZ/18+/GMT+8-13)

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The Southern Cross High Guard is an Oceanic (Australia and New Zealand) Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Guild, Clan, Group, and Community consisting of mature gamers (age 18+). It represents a dynamic and multifaceted guild that blends rigorous MILSIM elements with the excitement of science fiction and space-themed games.

The guild's approach integrates multiple games into a single narrative universe, offering its members a diverse and immersive experience.

 “Mateship” makes up our code; we stress loyalty, equality, and friendship, supporting each other in order to succeed, we reject unnecessary restrictions and possess a sarcastic sense of humour, conversations, and a laid-back attitude.

To stay up to date with guild events and to keep in contact with other guild members, we ask that you join our DISCORD server. This is our ‘official’ guild roster and allows us to organise and discuss what is happening across the verses.

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