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DU Market Intel Discord with Mining Report


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Discord: https://discord.gg/v3kCJQHna

Data as of 10/28/23

DU Market Intel Discord offers reports with the following information:

  1. Averages = T1: 8.81 h, T2: 79 h, T3: 148 h, T4: 235 h, T5: 412 h.

  2. Big Movers(>5%): Bauxite -19% * Coal -22% * Hematite -18% * Quartz -9% * Petalite 6% * Pyrite -11% * Flourine Ore -10% * Ilmenite 15% * Vana Ore 7% *

  3. Alioth Market 6 Ore Report: Bauxite 8.19h--Coal 8.88h--Hematite 9.73h--Quartz 8.46h--Chromite 88h--Limestone 64h--Malachite 76h--Natron 90h--Acanthite 98h--Garnierite 172h--Petalite 225h--Pyrite 98h--Cobalite 333h--Gold Ore 138h--Kolbeckite 392h--Columbite 286h--Ilmenite 336h--Flourine Ore 77h--Manga Ore 752h--Vana Ore 273h

  4. Detailed Spreadheet on all of the above..... and most importantly

  5. Best Ores to Mine in Millions h per hour: T4 Kolbeckite 7.05 * T3 Petalite 6.93 * T5 Rhodonite 6.5 * T2 Natron 6.44 * T2 Chromite 6.34 * T4 Cobaltite 5.99 * T3 Garnierite 5.8 [Sell the Mid]


The Best Ores to Mine Report is invaluable to any roid miner out there as it tells you where to go and what to mine. In this report it says go to a T4 asteroid and mine Kolbeckite. That would make you the most money, but if you don't hit Kolbeckite then your next best is to hope for Cobaltite. If you wanted to take a safer approach go for a T2 roid and mine Natron and Chromite. But what ever you do with this data, don't mine anything else but these, to do so is a waste of time even if you found it on the way searching. For example, mining Crylolite is not much better than mining coal at the bottom of the list. Don't assume cause its high tier that its a good money maker. Follow this guide and your sure to get the most out of your time.


Join the DU Market Intel Discord to day and be more informed about the market. Link:  https://discord.gg/v3kCJQHna

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