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Good time everyone. I apologize in advance because I used the translator.

I usually do not comment on this or that update, I try to keep a neutral position, since there are always those who can make some kind of comment on updates and innovations. Now on the subject: Do we all play games in order to relax or plunge into another otmasphere, relax and enjoy the gameplay? But what do I see today in dual? This is a routine, this is a continuous routine that annoys, and does not give pleasure, do we come to the game to work again? Or engage in monotony? This is more related to the renewal of asteroids. Why is such a model of asteroid mining needed? Why not just make it more accessible? And so the first steps: In order for us to start mining ore on asteroids, we need to: Buy a radar, for this we also need to extract ore from the beginning, sell, etc., taking into account its price on the market, this is not a quick process ... Next, we need to buy a radar, and now we are ready, after all the labor "entertainment", to finally fly and look for asteroids, but even here a not very fun game awaits us, because we start the same routine with the search for an asteroid, each checkpoint requires a new one scanning, and we all need to be in time for a certain amount of time to be the first in the end on the asteroid?) Do you want to bring movement into the game? So this can be done by other methods, but not by routine methods .. Many of my friends left the game because of the monotony and lengthy processes. Suggestion: Make asteroids available without scanning steps (whatever it is). Make it possible for asteroids to fall on planets, give the opportunity to play alone, give at least one automatic turret.

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