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Nova Atlantis: Looking for Specialized or Emerging Industries


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Nova Atlantis aims to develop a commercial hub 18 Km NE from Alioth market 6. Our goal is to build a org economy, while transitioning from market dependence, to Org/player coordinated economies. Nova Atlantis is willing to loan out 40-60m quanta to industry orgs and players who invest their time and efforts in our commercial center. 


Contact Aquarius21#2434 on discord for details. Also looking to fill government positions to run org. 


Looking for:

-Scanners, Land Acquisitionists, Miners, and talents in Refinery production ( Already have T1 refinery factory).

-Electronics & Parts

-Fuels & warp cells

-Engine parts



Specialized players will exchange with each other, creating a consumer base, and developing into a thriving org economy. 

Nova Atlantis Treasury will provide: 2-5m Loan with 1% interest.


Funds will be utilized to invest in industry units, schematics, other necessary elements to open a second base for you near other players and industries.

Player/Industry will get a free M core covering 1 Level of a building. 



1.) Must specialize in one industry/production ( tier 3 and up). 

2.) interest to join and be apart of Nova Atlantis (players). 

3.) send loan request and how will you utilize the funds. Loans are Earmarked/ Block loans

4.) Register as a registered business with Nova Atlantis. Will get: Parking access , tower less elevators access, industry access, and lobbying access. 

5.) Promise to pay back the loan and Interest. 


Benefits again include: 

1 Consumer base from other nearby orgs/players

2 Military Escort through pvp 

3 utilizing tower less elevators (Shadow Templar) 

4 building a community of players to make DU a mature gaming experience. 




Contact Aquarius21#2434 on discord for details. Also looking to fill government positions to run org. 




2021-06-02 (2).png


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