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Business Model/Income method (discussion)


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To prefix this, this is primarily a discussion page to talk about various ways to monetize this beloved game called Dual Universe, while weighing pros and cons. Considering many people don't understand why things are done, or perhaps the business people within the company haven't thought of a few of the ideas perhaps to be mentioned in this total thread, here it goes. None of any posts in this thread are considered the whole picture, more as a combination of all the thoughts given, including this initiation post





To start, we are going with the backer method from pre-alpha/alpha. This method was to kickstart/crowdfund the game. There were 60, 120, and 180 USD packages, which gave increasing in value rewards in game.

  • Good for the players, they only have to pay once, and have various ways of supporting if they want to
  • Gives some nice benefits for choosing different packages


  • Requires constant intake of players to maintain the game, especially the immense server costs and dev pay
  • Might give way to the hated micro transactions
  • Might be considered pay-to-win, even if it is minor


The second method is similar to the first method, but with jacked up prices to make each player "support the game for more". Packages for example could be + 20-40 USD.

  • Supports the devs more
  • Players only have to invest in the game once
  • Gives some nice benefits for choosing better packages.
  • Less likely to create micro transactions (unless the upper management gets greedy that is)


  • Still requires constant intake of players to maintain the game, especially server costs and dev pay.
  • Might be more considered pay-to-win
  • Costs a LOT




Current subscription method, without DACs implemented. (7 USD a month, 21 USD packages)

  • Keeps development going much longer
  • maintains server costs per player (each player chips in for what data they are changing on the server
  • VERY unlikely to create micro transactions (unless management are extremely greedy)


  • the HATE for subscriptions
  • No bonuses for pouring in extra money
  • Upkeep that nags at the back of your mind, reminding you to not enjoy Dual Universe, but to pay up so you don't loose access to potentially play the game
  • Becoming the joke of the space sims (bad PR)


Current subscription method, WITH DACs implemented. Same subscription model, but when you buy subscription have the choice of redeeming them as in game items which can be traded using in game markets.

  • You can "unlock" subscription time by GRINDING cash, depending on the demand
  • Helps the person who's selling them get some in game cash
  • Emerging "gameplay"
  • Keeps development going longer because it's still subscription based.


  • Pay-to-win
  • still a subscription model
  • UPKEEP (as previously mentioned)
  • Still horrible PR, now for the pay-to-win aspect
  • Enforcing the Elite Dangerous mentality "Grind is Gameplay" (not true btw)





Hybrid model of DACs and subscriptions, or you can pay expensive package once to get permanent access.


  • Players can choose to pay a limited time subscription to try out the game, without dropping an OBSCENE amount of money
  • If you want to go subscription method, you can "unlock more subscription time".
  • Potential to increase the income per person monthly for continued development


  • Confusing business model
  • Still subscription based
  • PR might get confusing, but less negative
  • Still kinda pay-to-win



Hybrid model 2.0, but instead with more lenient subscription model. Includes DACs in this scenario, however, the pros and cons of them could be removed if taken out of the equation:
Account subscription only ticks down while logged onto the server, encouraging players to make the most of their time spent, while also having a player-determined time bomb on their account.


  • Each person's subscription lasts longer
  • Only counts down while in game
  • Encourages players to put less strain on the server from logging in
  • Players can use the time they are spending in game extremely effectively, by grinding DACs using in game money.
  • Encourages developers to optimize the heck out of the player data and voxel storage method (more in the cons)


  • Less effective for dev-income
  • DACs still exist
  • subscription method, while less bad, still exists
  • "Meh" PR
  • Server needing upkeep for storing players' data and constructs, while them not paying for having it on the server




That's what I have for now, I do plan to update this now and again depending on if people have new ideas, and/or if I think of something else.

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