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PTS Now Open!


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Good day Noveans,


The Dual Universe Public Test Server (PTS) is online again. We anticipate that PTS will be up for approximately one week, from February 23 through March 2, but we may take it offline or leave it up longer as necessary


PTS is available for all active DU subscribers. Your account login information is the same for both the Live server and PTS; however, access to PTS requires downloading, installing and running a separate client

Please note that PTS is solely for testing purposes. We’d like to manage expectations that PTS updates may include feature prototypes and gameplay changes that might not ever come to the Live server. That being said, the client currently featured on PTS includes some additional Mission System features that you’ll want to check out... ?


By participating on PTS, you will not only have a chance to see content that’s in development before it’s released on the Live server, but you’ll also be helping to shape DU through sharing your insights and constructive criticism earlier in the development process. Feedback and bug reports related to PTS should be posted in this designated forum, which we monitor closely as part of our commitment to improve the quality of the game and its performance.

Happy testing!! ?

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