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I am the editor and Chief of The Fix News. An in-game newspaper that is trying to get a start on spreading information about activities in the game. Right now I am having issues getting the forum to allow me to upload images, it seems to be going down in size each time I post. Anyone who might have a clue why that is please send me a notice. Once I am able to post I will start adding to this with the newspaper fronts. In the meantime check out the Dual Universe Discord and look up The Fix. You should find up to 9 editions so far. I will be reporting on in-game events, player interests, almost anything new and exciting and even some odd unknown things to keep it interesting. Please follow me if you find this exciting and send me your ideas for stories. Almost nothing is out of bounds as long as you can prove what your saying is truth. We do not do fake NEWS. Thank you!

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