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Add purple varieties of plastic and steel honeycomb


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PROBLEM: There is no solid purple honeycomb voxel.

SOLUTION: Purple varieties of plastic and steel honeycomb should be added to Dual Universe.


Plastic and Steel honeycomb are the only ones which allow plain, unpatterned voxels in several colors with a variety of tones and surface finishes. These offer every primary/secondary color except for purple/magenta. Given the creative building aspect of DU, the lack of one of the main colors in the spectrum is a glaring oversight. There are already purple options for pure metal honeycomb (so clearly it is possible to have a purple honeycomb), but they all include some pattern.


The payoff to the creative builders of Dual Universe would be very great for what is surely a relatively low development cost. (No new frameworks/skills/categories needed.)  Being part of an organization with purple as one of our primary colors, the lack of purple voxel options is really a bummer!



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