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Furry Trading & Mining AG - Always there for you!

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Well...What do we have to say?
We're just a bunch of people looking for fun.
Fun through "Not overorganizating" things.
Be yourself. A member of our corp is never on duty for anything.
We focus mostly on just building awesome stuff, mining, trading (As our name suggests).
Ofcourse we go farming together and stuff...But if you don't like to come with us every time: Your time, your choice. We're sure you'll do something else awesome in the time.

Our main rule: Just don't be a jerk.

We're very beginner friendly, we love to help newcomers set foot in the game, help building ships, help getting the mechanics down.
Still on Sanc? No problem. We can fly your stuff from Sanc to our base on Alioth.


You're not interested in joining us, but like what we do:

We can help you mine meganodes...if we get something from it. No one works for free.
We can haul stuff (Our ships are capable of transporting 2000 tons of stuff each. We have 2 of those)
Need something else? Just ask.

The people you can ask on Discord (Corp is german based, english is not a problem):

We'll see you ingame!



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