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Hegemony is Recruiting

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Discord: https://discord.gg/2esaw4S

A Federal Autocracy founded by a high ranking military officer of a distant Monarchy. The Hegemony is led by a council of elected representatives and the founding sovereign.


Designed for self sufficiency in this new region of space, the Hegemony is developing its own vast infrastructure, logistics, and military power for the arrival of its reserve colonists.


The Hegemony currently has employment options available for the following: Shipwrights, Architects, Mining, Mining Team Leaders, Recruiters, Mentors


New Players Welcome! We provide you with a basic new arrival kit, access to haulers, and helpful experienced players who can guide you along your way. Participate in org sponsored events, and help shape the way we establish our presence in the galaxy while helping the group as a whole in various activities and projects.


Opportunity for Growth - Enjoy helping others learn? If you’re a veteran to DU, or once you've learned the game, help others by joining our team of mentors. Mentors are a vital component to our growth as a community as a whole, and its a great way to make new friends.


Fair Deal - When mining, we provide you with access to our ships, fuel, and resource scan information at our capital on Alioth and all of our outposts. We offer a buyback program and/or yield split. The goal isn’t to get rich off your hard efforts, but instead to allow the mining staff to grow while contributing to org projects that will benefit the community. All members will be issued a private locker for storage needs, apartments in the capital will be made available in the future as well.


Refugee Program - Your org dissolve? Feeling stuck/lost? Apply with the Hegemony! We can help relocate you and your assets to a location near our capital. We will also work with you on integrating your friends with you into the org.





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