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More Granular RDMS for Build Mode Rights


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Idea: Add 20 more rights to RDMS system for each build mode tool and it's negation (the alt key). Perhaps add an expanding menu to keep rights UI simpler.


Why:  A good sandbox game is one where cooperation and organization among players is rewarded. With respect to industrial complexes, the game is already struggling with making teamwork necessary, let alone encouraging it. Current RDMS system is one reason why teamwork is discouraged. Mega factories take a lot of time to build, and build right to delegate building. The build right is too powerful right now. Someone can scoop your entire factory and go with it. We'd want new recruits to work on the large factory projects. But trusting one of your legates let alone a new recruit with your 150+ hours building the thing is impossible.


Now, if we could limit some rights while handing out some, that would solve at least the discouragement. Perhaps we want people to be able to add machines and links, but not remove them. Perhaps we want them to add and remove machines, but keep cosmetic the voxel-work intact. Perhaps we want them to just link everything we put down. The new granular system would allow us to at least trust more people with mega factories. This would make teamwork on factories at least possible, then NQ can focus on making it rewarding as well.

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