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Can anyone help me try and figure out why i cant log in!?


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i have just bought a subscription today for a month and was able do download/instal the game but why i try to log in a error pops up "http error (error100). and then after a min or two it then changes to queueing timedout. retry shortly (error4).


i have dug around on different forums each has a different answer. nothing i do seems to work. my wifi is good as is my pc, im out of ideas other than it could be due to me using windows 7 (tho i have no other issues with any other game but i know that there is a small chance that its messing some things up)


any help or ideas would be much appreciated :D

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I'm having a similar issue.  I bought the subscription, downloaded and installed the game, created an account on main DU website, then could not log into the game. Did I do something out of order (maybe I should download first then sign up for the subscription in-game)?  If so, then they need to make that clear. 

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