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New Player - Login Timeout

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Hey all,


just downloaded today.


Managed to login the FIRST time.  I customised my character and then the next screen was totally black.  If I randomly clicked in a few places I could hear things clicking in the background but, I couldn't see anything so, I had to force close.


Now, when I try to login i get put in the queue and then I get "Login timeout".  The servers are up.


I've uninstalled and run CCleaner and reinstalled but, still get the same error.


This is obviously very frustrating, doubly so when all support do is write a generic copy/paste email.


I'm on windows 10.  Local firewall is off.  I'm not convinced it's actually a network issue anyway as it *did* work the first time.


Anyone any suggestions I can try before i'm forced to request a refund?





edit:  Starting a VPN helps resolve so this appears to be an IP recording/clashing issue on the DB side of things.  Now i get to something like 95% then get "Disconnected by the server".


edit2: nope, VPN solution is no longer working.

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