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couple of questions from new player

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Hi, really enjoying a lot of things in this game, but a couple of things are really confusing me, and don't seem to be properly explained anywhere, could you help?


Both relate to Orgs. 


Is it only the Super Legate of an Org that can claim territory for an Org? If not, how do you enable that?


Likewise, how do you enable placing constructs under Org ownership (for people who are not the Super Legate). 


I get that you can use construct keys (when they work, they bug out on me a lot), I mean specifically how do you place a core and deploy it for the Org from the start (as I say, construct keys bug out for me, so would rather avoid that method). 


Main reason I'm asking this is because if the Super Legate has to be very hands on (i.e.going to every planet his org wants territory on) then that is a very different leadership model from any that actually work in the real world ;) 





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