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Idea. GPS tags. Radio tags. Signboards


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GPS tags. Radio tags. Signboards.
- Yes, in the game you can set coordinates for a hex, but this is not always enough. Imagine a player has found a mine (mine). He needs to mark it on the map and on the HUD helmet in order to quickly return to it.
“But this will greatly simplify the mining of the ore. In order not to upset the balance - the player must connect to his own or corporate satellites in orbit. Without satellites, there is no more detailed signal (only a general one, provided by civilization, if terraformation has begun on the planet).
- You can "sell" a signal from your own or a corporate satellite and get paid for it. Corporate satellites are more accurate than personal satellites. But in worlds with a protected zone, players cannot place their companions, only in pvp zones (so that the player at the start cannot use the services of satellites).
- You can put a password on the satellite. The password is sent to the buyer after payment.
- Mobile satellite dish. Can be placed on the base, as well as on transport. What is he doing? It improves the accuracy of GPS recognition of objects that are nearby. But it is expensive to build.
* - Thus, the player at the start will not have the advantage of placing a GPS tag on the ore vein. Only if he flies into the pvp world, builds his own satellite in orbit, or accumulates money and connects to other satellites - only then he will be able to put GPS tags. And thus the balance will be maintained.

Radio tags.
- Unlike GPS marks, they show coordinates only in horizontal planes. If there is a hill or mountain with ore deposits between the player and the mark, the signal is "extinguished".
- To use radio tags, you need to learn a few skills.
- The radio tag cannot be placed "virtually". Each tag needs a transmitter, which must be set up and pushed into the ground.
- Improving the skill of the Radio Engineer will allow you to work with a large number of tags at the same time, and more accurately recognize their signal in the distance (estimated distance. Initially, a large error).
- The mark has a limited radius of action (with the help of a skill it can be increased). But it is best to install it on a hill so that the signal is the best.
- You can also build an "Antenna Hub". What she does? It connects the radio points to each other. She has a large coverage area. But if a player leaves this zone, he does not receive its benefits. Plus, the antenna itself is very large, it is built vertically (this is a building), and requires a lot of resources to build.
(if in the future a radio communication is made between the players via a walkie-talkie, then this building can be used to amplify a personal signal - as an additional option).
- You can only engage in radio communication in pvp worlds.
- Radio tags are more accessible (than orbital satellites), but not as convenient.

- Radio scanner (this is a tool). You need to hold it in your hands to see radio tags in the HUD.

- You can install a sign (board with support). Write something on the board.
- What are the signs for? Place them next to the veins (deposits).
- Plates are worse than GPS and radio communication. they are hard to see, which means that only by approaching close to the entrance to the deposit, you can find this deposit by the plate.
- Signs can even be placed in protected worlds.

- A radio tag, like a GPS tag, can be assigned a unique name and share coordinates with others.
- If weather is introduced in the future, it will affect radio communications and GPS.
- If in the future worlds are planned that have not even received terraformers, then it will be impossible to find out the coordinates of your location on the planet without satellites.
- The tag can be deleted permanently at any time.

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