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The Arkadian Federation [ARK]

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Greetings Noveans,


Are you are looking for a strong, active and dedicated group to play with ? Then you should check us out ! If you wish to be part of a well organized group with a mature and diverse community, look no more and jump into discord ! We are focused, dedicated, committed and highly organized. Since launch:

+ We have secured territory's on, Alioth, Sanctuary, Thades, Midas, Sicari, Sinnen & Lacobus.
+ All our bases have up and running refining industries for transport to our main base. Our main base has a fully automated 
  industry producing a large quantities of parts with hundreds of machineries running all day long. 

+ We are building a Large space station for ship building.

+ We have a Destroyer with 8 Large Rail guns ready for PVP (the ship is meant for 10+ people). 

+ We have various ships with Warp engines that we use to bring back mats from our industries all over or to transport our 
new members to the main base.

Who we are looking for ?

-   Hardcore,semi-hardcore or casual. It doesn't matter as long as you have the right mentality.

-   We ask of all our members to be on vocal when they play as well as to participate in our daily objectives
    and to have the will to be part of a group.

-   Everyone with the right mentality who wishes to be a part of something bigger than themselves is more than welcome.

While we try to play efficiently to be at our best, that doesn't stop us from having a very friendly and enjoyable ambiance on discord. We very well know when to be serious and when not to. We plan on becoming a major powerhouse in Dual Universe, join us and you'll be a part of it ! Discord: discord.gg/H3C8d2G


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