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Production bug?


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I'm think I encountered an production bug (k) but i'm not sure since I'm new.

I tried producing some Tier 1 materials (see in pictures) but in the production list it always says something is missing (don't know what) even though on the left side it is showing that the required materials are all sufficient.


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doesnt matter. This is a bug that shouldnt be in game. Its literally game breaking for quite a few people. This very basics like crafting pure material should not have this kind of bug. 


I can craft oxygen or hydrogen and then craft a few things but itll go back to the lacking ingrediants after a very few crafts. This is something that should be hotfixed so the people can actually play the game at all. You cant charge for the game and just leave this be for this long. 

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Okay I finally found a fix. Right click basically everything in your inventory and select to remove ownership of the items. When I made my items not owned the crafting system started working. I guess the problem arises when you put things in a container which automatically sets ownership of the items. Then the game for whatever reason thinks that you don't own the thing even that the ownership is set to you. 

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