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Reverberation: Building a Community

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We are a dedicated community of gamers focused on making friends and having fun, with something to offer every aspect of the DU community. Industrialists, PvPers, Builders, and Marketeers will all find a home here. Reverberation is building a nation and we want you along for the ride.


New members will find a mature, welcoming community of people that want to have fun doing whatever it is that interests you in DU. Being a member of Reverberation has many benefits, such as:

  • An established industrial base that can produce anything and everything
  • Multiple ships anyone in the organization can use
  • Caches of elements and resources available to all members
  • Dozens of tiles to mine and build on at the Alioth North Pole
  • Mining bases and space stations on planets throughout the system

Mostly USTZ, English speaking, 18+ please, voice coms (Discord, TS3 for PVP) highly encouraged but not *”required”*, cannot be a member of another major Organization

Interested? Join our Discord and say hi in the #du-public channel: https://discord.gg/0n4t6JJVb1H3fPHL


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The captured and repaired remains of our first ever PvP kill framed against the backdrop of our epic North Pole base. Drop an app today and you can be part of the next hunting party!

Trophy Ship.png

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