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Reverberation: Building a Community


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We are a dedicated community of gamers focused on making friends and having fun, with something to offer every aspect of the DU community. Industrialists, PvPers, Builders, and Marketeers will all find a home here. Reverberation is building a nation and we want you along for the ride.


New members will find a mature, welcoming community of people that want to have fun doing whatever it is that interests you in DU. Being a member of Reverberation has many benefits, such as:

  • An established industrial base that can produce anything and everything
  • Multiple ships anyone in the organization can use
  • Caches of elements and resources available to all members
  • Dozens of tiles to mine and build on at the Alioth North Pole
  • Mining bases and space stations on planets throughout the system

Mostly USTZ, English speaking, 18+ please, voice coms (Discord, TS3 for PVP) highly encouraged but not *”required”*, cannot be a member of another major Organization

Interested? Join our Discord and say hi in the #du-public channel: https://discord.gg/0n4t6JJVb1H3fPHL


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