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STARFALL SYNDICATE - - Pursuing, Accomplishing, and Excelling as one.

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Starfall Syndicate

The Starfall Syndicate is an organisation integrated by a common goal: to thrive both in, and out, of the game.

Our goal is to provide a perfect space to innovate, industrialise, trade, and culture your objectives in the game. We work together to achieve our overall goals while providing the opportunity to seek your personal goals.

We accept anybody; whether you have full-time commitments, and can only dedicate minimal time, or you have a lot of time to play; whether you are an experienced player or a new player; whether you are a builder or an industrialist, a pirate or a diplomat - we welcome you. We do not, however, accept any sort of hatred.

As a member of the organisation, you will play an integral role, no matter your position. We reward hard-work and celebrate our successes. There will be no gap between new recruits, all the way up to our CEO, Numastar.

Our Current Position

The Starfall Syndicate, a small, but ambitious organisation, lies strewn across the solar system. With some players having made the perilous journey to Jago, our future home, and others waiting for a chance to make the trip; lying in an active-wait, industrialising, on the Sanctuary Moon.

Join us now, and you will not regret the opportunity to leave our innovative mark on the Universe.

- Discord: https://discord.gg/XmubunB

Recruitment Officer - MEH. 😀

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not wanting to sound like a hater but why you left them to sanctuary ? What they can learn there ? harvest ore by hand ?  Why you dont pick them up with a shuttle and send them to your new home ? you are simply letting working drones idle. Is inefficient. 

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Guest MEH

@Strumfex We still exist on the sanctuary. Some of our players have migrated to Jago to establish a more permanent presence. 

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