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Crash to desktop: one (very) temporary solution

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Like I explained elsewhere on this forum, my game crash after  a few seconds spent in the tutorial.

I can stay ingame during a few minutes by reducing the field of view to 30 and trying to not look to most complex sceneries (with a lot of objects: so, look your feet!)


If your game is crashing like mine, and if the reasons are the same, I got a ""solution"" :) I have 16gb ram, I think it's directly linked to the game eating everything, but I'm not sure at all...


To be sure you have the same problem, take a look in the windows event viewer ("Windows Logs", then "System"). You'll have an entry precisely at the time the game crashed.

If, when the game crash, you have a log saying "Resource Exhaustion Detector", which imply a "low virtual memory", congratulations, you can try something !


You'll juste have to increase the virtual memory of your computer. For that, follow this tutorial: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-virtual-memory-size-windows-10


Tried and approved, for my part: I can go back to a 90 degrees of FOV, and I was FINALLY able to finish this ****** tutorial ! After that my game crashed again, after 15 minutes, but I think it was only because I have been a bit shy when allocating virtual memory (I choose 8192 mb min/max).


Note that virtual memory is not really efficient: you will have a lot of stutters. But a lot less "crashing back to desktop". And just that, it's so good.

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