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Capital Productions is recruiting


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A little about me I am a former eve online player, on there I have been in huge battles with titans and capitals ships, I have ran the markets and running Mercenary contracts, and finally me and my people reached out and turned to the industry making and destroying ships. I find myself here in this new universe where everything is a new start and what I want to do is reach out and make new friends and fill that thrill or making new adventures. Everyone starts small and being small is not a bad thing, because you get to really know the people you play along side and the rea trust forms, where bigger player bases usually fall under their own weight because of infighting  but enough rambling let me tell you my goals.


Capital Productions is a industrial/engineering pvp organization here we will focus on training our people to work together and when crap hits the fan they will be able to act or give orders fast and correctly because we all know everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face then plans go out the windows. Our industrial side will be mining, making parts and running the markets, they will be the back bone of our people and like every strong structure the foundations need to be strong. our engineers will practice and train to make ships and land craft to sale to other people along with four our own use. they will also be able to make fortresses for when war is here and help with sieges. Our pvp will do exactly that train and get ready to protect our people and protect those that offer us money to do so or our allies when they are in need, below i will lsit a few short term goals for our organization so you can get a idea on what the beginning will be like.



* will mining minerals to be sold or melted down for production

* will work on running the market finding best things to make and sale 

* focus on making sure spare parts are around for repair and fuel to be used

* Organization will offer miners a buy back program where we will buy the minerals from the members 



* design ships for transporting good to market

* making and planning the foundations of our factories and cities

* designing land craft for use and setting up supply lines 



* can be a member of any branch

* will be trained for single and multi crew ships

* will be trained to fly/gunner/or infantry or all

* multi crew ships the crew will have regular training sessions and have drills so all crews learn to react in a instant


This is just a short version on my plans and some will like it others wont but we also know some people don't want pvp and that's fine no one has to fight if they don't want to and we  always say fun first. We are already in a alliance of great people and we have a great future as a organization and as a alliance member. Everyone has a right to state their opinions and i will always ask for members opinions on matters and take their thought in consideration. I ask you to help me make a good strong organization that can help new people and will stand the test of time. I will see yall out there and if interested message me or hit me up on discord [EVIL]HEADHUNTER#1910


You may ask what our long term goals are well the short story for it is for our industry to pump out supplies to sell directly to other organizations and for parts for ships and  vehicles for organization and alliance use. Engineering will  then build heavily fortified fortresses for defense and cities for trade along with capital ships because like our name says i would like our ship builders to be able to produce beautiful machines of war and peace. Our pvp/pilots side we will hire our self's out for escorts, train other organizations pilots and crews, and participate in combat of all kinds. Don't let the pvp scare you pve people off because you will do what you love and enjoy and our fighters will be here to make sure you are free to do that.


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