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Hello everyone I wanted to introduce to you the organization Chem Dogs.


If you don't want to read all of this join our discord and get to know us.  https://discord.gg/zZjVad5


Here at Chem Dogs we believe firmly in letting our members creativity grow and expand their knowledge in the depth of Dual Universe. 


Structured in four departments our organization lets our members choose how they live within dual universe and contribute towards the organization. 

From mining to fighting we support your style with the verse. If you want to be part of something bigger than just another organization look no further. Our robust community provides opportunities in all sectors and believe in paying back our members for their time with wages and recognition. At Chem Dogs we offer protection and autonomy within our society, looking for creative intuitive members who are willing to work in a team environment for the better of the organization. With us your choice matters and your opinions do too. We facilitate and welcome an environment that will enable you to be yourself, while working within the departments of your choosing you will be offered the choice of being tightly integrated within our teams that expertise in their roles, while at the same time offering the autonomy and freedom you desire. 


At the leadership level we believe in opening pathways for promotions within the organization. Hard work is recognized and rewarded. We also believe firmly in having fun, whether that is our giveaways, competitions or member of the month recognition. 


Another unique aspect of Chem Dogs is that the better the organization does the better you do. The more money the organization makes and the more resources means the more in return are members get. A creative environment where are players are thriving is our drive. Where members have the funds both within the economy and resources to build to their hearts desire or acquire the things they deserve. 


Like any successful organization communication among our members is paramount that's why we offer an active discord community to hold conversation and make friendships that organically develop beyond someone that you just play with once and awhile. 


If this sounds like something you are interested in  joining our community, comment here or join our discord! https://discord.gg/zZjVad5



Final draft chem dog organization.jpg



Chem Dogs Rank structure. 




- Istanicas Co Founder of Chem Dogs. 






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Guest Blindy15

Great Org! 


good at teaching newbies like me

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