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Mining Ships and Asteroid ore.

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Hello, I haven't seen or heard anything on mining ships so I figured I would  give my two cents on the subject.


I think the game could benefit from mining ships as a mid to end game accomplishment. The idea would be similar to Eve Online, Have multiple mining lasers with varying strength that could mine different styles of asteroids. This adds another style of ship to be designed and, a whole other layer of complexity to the game play. How exactly would this work and be implemented?


1.  Asteroids would have to be scanned and could contain 2 or more types of rare ores. This would give the asteroids a purpose as to mining on a planet. high risk reward 


2. Lock on to Asteroid and engage mining lasers, lasers are linked to containers and fill containers they are linked too. (Maybe find a way to link multiple containers to 1 mining laser.)


3. Sit back as your ship mines and fills containers. But be on the watch! why????


4.. FOR pirates duhhh! This would lead to people needing to protect miners leading to contracts for mercenary work or corp duty to protect the miners

and on the other hand you could put a crew together to attempt to rob a mining vessel of all its goodies.


I think this would add a whole other layer to the game, More work would come from it, more stuff for pirates to do and more things for mercenaries to do. 


Tell me what you think below! 


ya'll have a great day  


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Mining lasers have nothing to do with the gameplay you described. Everything you mentioned can still happen with the current mining mechanics. I would like to see mining get upgrades too, but this should not be a priority for the developers.

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I understand that it can happen still in the game. but its not the same, primarily this just an idea that can be added any time not something they should focus on and i never said they should. 

Having ships that do mining adds another layer that adds slightly different gameplay. along with more ship variations.


Would you still disagree?

why so ?  

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