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Questions and suggestions about warp cores

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So I just got done listening to the newest podcast and I am super excited whats detailed there but I do have a few questions for clarity That Id like to spark a conversation about. In the podcast it talks about warp cores which seem pretty awesome and straightforward until a point where it was stated only planets and or large stations can have a beacon which I would like clarification on or argue against. I understand that these beacons in a lore/gameplay requirement sense need to be rare and thats fine, however I do object to them being limited to planets and large space cores, and would suggest that they also be available to large dynamic cores as well. Let me set an example for you Corp/Org Bob is at war with Org Steve and their scouts have just discovered Steves Orbital Station over another planet. The ship that discovered Steve Station is a large Ship, has war capability ect. It seems in the current iteration of warp capabilities they have a few very limited options. 1) Book mark their location, go home and assemble a fleet to slow boat back to assault Steve station (time consuming and gives Steve time to recognize the jig is up and either scramble to tear down the station and move it or get a fleet together to repulse the inevitable attack). 2) Deploy a Static Space core and quickly assemble a warp beacon of their own which bring up that they have to always have the materials on hand to do this which is a lot of valuable high tier kit that needs to be available on these scout ships of Bobs for the off chance that they find an attack target.


What I would like to see is Bobs large framed scout be able to come to relative 0 speed and turn on a beacon and be able to call in their fleet. Of course this might already be the case in which case im just barking at squirrels.

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