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So I hope I word this discussion in a way where you understand the vague concept I'm attempting to talk about. Lol


Ok so a huge concept to this game is player creation, economy, and government leaving alot to become possible. But my theory with the economy is this. Limited variety of resources leads to limited economic opportunity. Once players find there "niche" in this game all resource prices (S&D) will stabilize. only be affected by the organization that controls most of the "stock" in that resource or holds key positions in goverment or in-game events. 


Would it be possible to mabe hold events every that allow players to draw up concept and ideas for new tech to be used in the game. If the event is held for example say once a year. Players would make tech that would fit in with the growth and development of the game. Of course dev's would have final says on the possibility and practically of the tech. Since it has the games physics to work in to. It would be like adding variety that would change -ore demand and prices-  goverment rules-  and orgs responsible and actions. And aspects of the game that remain unseen.


I love this game I'm not hating just a idea or fun discussion!!

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