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stu question

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With respect to the $60 and $120 pack, the silver one says it includes an STU.  However the DU site itself says that when you start you are given an STU.  Can someone clarify this, and whether the $60 gets one anyway and the $120 gets a extra one than the one included when you start?


Also, are you able to "upgrade" contribution status? I have never once kickstarted a game and know zero about doing it.  Though this game will be my first.

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13 hours ago, b1tchcakes said:

 However the DU site itself says that when you start you are given an STU.

I think you got this from https://www.dualthegame.com/en/pledge/ under the FAQ popup?


First if you want a clear definite answer, I would submit a ticket to the support page and ask at the following link: https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us (uggg can't figure out why the link won't create a link even with the link tool, but the support page!)


STU's are Sanctuary Territorial Claim Units that can only be used on Sanctuary Moons, NQ has said that moons will be subpar in resources. We do not know how expensive it will be to place or maintain one of these units or the regular Territorial Claim units, but do know from https://www.dualthegame.com/en/ " costly protection of dome-tech " that is probably going to be very very expensive.


From the FAQ on the pledge page is says this under territory units "Sanctuary Territory Units are restricted to the Sanctuary territories. These territories are located on special moons called Sanctuary Moons. In a sanctuary territory, players may not initiate any offensive action. Sanctuary territories owned by players are subject to rights management such as restrictions on mining, crafting, and building. By default, players cannot build, mine, or craft on unclaimed sanctuary territory.


Sanctuary Territory Units can be purchased through the future in-game shop using real currency up to a certain limit. Upon starting Dual Universe, each player will receive a free Sanctuary Territory Unit in their inventory.


For more information about territory protection mechanics, you can read our DevBlog post here."


So from that, yes it looks like everyone will get one, and the higher two packages will get additional one, but it does say else where that it will require skills or additional skills (i don't remember which exactly) to place additional STUs so there could still be skill requirements to place even one. I do know that NQ is very aware that not everyone is into PvP and intend to make safe spots available to players that don't want to engage in PvP.


It also say these will be available for purchase in the cash shop, and probably won't be all that expensive, BUT that is just a guess

I think the main difference in packages for most people can be pointed out via the highlighted differences in packs in this picture and the rest is just fluff:



I do want to say that this game is in the alpha stage, and many many many thing are going to change. They have this grand plan that they are trying to build, but actually being able to pull it off is a whole other thing. While I don't see much that will change from what we get from the supporter packages, the grand dream/plan will change and evolve as they develop. Somethings will be amazing, something will take a long time to get right, and other things you just won't like at all (I've had my own fit over some game play developments that I absolutely despise and hate).


I created a https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/17197-links-to-all-things-du/

that should provide you with lots of sources of information, including a road map that is over a year old now, and the dates aren't really accurate anymore, but can show you what stage of development they are in and what comes next. There is also a discord if you want to chat  with fellow DU'er. It also has a link to the server status, because servers are not 24/7 yet, but it is so worth every penny so far!


I will fair warn you, many of us find this DU an addicting rabbit hole!


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added about contacting support

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