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Rough Start


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To start I want to say i am really looking forward to playing. I purchased the game on the 12th. received the email with the dl link. i selected the link it took me to a page to create an acct so i could dl the game. it did not take for one reason or another so i requested a password change and no email came to let me change the password. went to discord someone gave me the link to the board DU page and i was able to get it set up or i would not be able to write this at this time. but i am still not able to get on to main page and have not been able to dl the game.  started a ticket explaining my problem on the 12th. i have still not heard anything back from them. still trouble shooting. i thought maybe something went wrong when i first set up acct. so i started all over again. my first attmt i received an error saying email is already in use. the next time i was told my profile name was not long enough. Minus is my profile name. i guess it was supposed to be 6 charicters long. so someone suggested i change it on this page but the only options to change on my profile is password and email.  I really would like to play the game and really do look forward to it. but this is a pretty Rough Start. 

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Guest Annabella

So when you bought the game you had to create an account, you can not buy the game without creating an account. That email you used is the game account. The only way to change this is to submit a ticket to NQ requesting an email change.


Now, when you purchase the game you give them an email address, then when the purchase complete it asks you to complete the registration where you  give them your real name, create a user name, and create a password.


This user name and password is what you need to use to log in with.


go to https://community.dualthegame.com/

and sign in with the credentials you created when you bought the account. Now the screwy part of this is that even though it says user name you need to use your email and password to log in with.


Then in the upper right corner you can see a head icon image.png.6c5af0c09fae48a41a66c4dae181a422.png you can click on to access the down load button.

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I did not have to create an acct. i hit the i want to play button and it took me to the package options. i selected the option filled in the information. my email. but nothing was mentioned about creating an acct till after i purchased and received the confirmation email. but i did get a response from cs. they got me taken care of. i am now able to dl the game. i am trying to get to the alpha test day schedule and am getting an error 500 now. not sure what that means. got and error 103 or something  like that when i tried to start the game i think thats the one saying the server is not up. so thats why i was looking for the schedule when i got the 500 error. so still having trouble but progress.


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So it seems you have your account linked and game downloaded. 

The next step id suggest is get discord and get confirmed there to access the NDA section there.


As for getting on the game, the servers are not up atm. They dont run 24/7 yet. Lately it has been thursday - monday skipping every 4th week ish. You can see the status and schedules here. 


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