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So here are some links to keep you busy for a while!




So i see you are trying to get discord access : https://board.dualthegame.com/index.php?/topic/16575-how-to-get-du-nda-discord-nda-access/ 


I don't speak german, but from the post:

please post the following text on your public message feed through your forum profile:




If you do not see the public message feed on your profile, you need to enable status updates in your forum account settings. It's the first option in Basic Info at the top of the edit profile settings window. You can disable it after this registration process is complete.


to get to your profile



then go to edit profile




change this to this then save at bottom



You then post that discordauth:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx= in to


on your profile.


BUT, Before the post of the discordauty:xxxxx= will appear on your "wall" you have to post here in the ark ship pub to say HI to everyone, it's a way to let the forum moderators know your a human and that they need to give you posting privileges that will enable your post to be seen.


Hope this helps!




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