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Varg Grimshore

THH - The Heathen Horde Recruitment

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The Heathen Horde is recruiting.


We are looking for pilots like little Jimmy, He has always dreamt of being a space pilot. Travelling the stars and killing heretics like some of his greatest heroes.


When he was younger his father bought him a toy fighter ship made from tin which he carried everywhere.


When he was old enough he packed his bags and went of to join the Heathen Horde as they are the best and kill all the heretics in the name of the King Before.


On little Jimmies first day he was taken on a tour of the grand headquarters. They showed him the landing field as the fighters returned, the gymnasium as the trainees did the obstacle course, the mess hall as the officers ate lunch.


We have since learned to not schedule rocket testing while the recruits look around the engine test area.


We miss little Jimmy, as little Jimmy was turned into dust by an extra large rocket engine.


So we are looking for new pilots to help fight the cause. If you think you can last longer than little Jimmy we would love to talk to you.


What we are looking for:


  • 18 + and have dropped to a depth of adulthood

  • Working MIC and ability to speak English

  • Have a attention span longer than …..


For more information feel free to join our discord.







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