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Hello! I Am Mazimba!

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So I have followed Dual Universe for a while, (I will preface this by saying I have Alpha / Beta tested for many games so I know this is an "Alpha" test ) and I have just "Backed" today - so I am so excited for tomorrow!  This Alpha test (if it goes ahead) coincides with some time off I have from work. So I am looking to put some decent time in to test etc. 


My real name is Liam Christie and I am Scottish. I have lived in Glasgow all my life (I am 38) and I am an avid gamer. I have played so many games - from golden oldie games like Paperboy / Zolyx on the C64 to recent games like Division 2 etc. As I stated above, I have been an Alpha / Beta tester for many games, including the likes of City of Heroes and Eve Online back in 2004ish, to newer games such as PUBG etc. I do have a helluva lot of games.. however I hardly play any now due to seeking a good Sci Fi building game, with elements of survival / community driven content. Hence why I am here. 


I will be looking for like minded people to play with (EU based more than likely as I do work shifts which are any 5 from 7) .. so I cannot really be up all night anymore! Adulting sucks! 


As stated, new to the game however I have watched some YT videos, although I have not watched them all - as soon as I seen DU in action I KNEW it was a game I would like to play so I kinda backed off from learning much about it right off the bat. Going in "blind" is gonna be awesome.


Thanks for reading! ❤️❤️❤️ 

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