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Building regeneration


Building regeneration  

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  1. 1. Auto regen buildings

    • Yes saves me time I can use elsewhere
    • Nah stop being lazy
  2. 2. Building Semi Auto Regeneration

    • Time is money put this in the game
    • No put architecture skills to good use

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So your base/complex/station was just raided and your buildings are now riddled with holes some even cut in half. And now you have to manually repair them.


I have 2 soultions to this raid aftermath issue.


1 after a set amount of time a module or the material that you coated in nanite paste will access a storage crate somewhere whitch it will then use that material to rebuild it"self.


2 A highlight of the building would activate similar to Space engineers bp module where you can easily repair the structure by clicking on it so long as you have the materials for it.



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