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I do hope I am posting this correctly, and I apologize if not.

When I learned of this game, and the features it is promising, I very nearly collapsed from paroxysms of excitement. I am in the lengthy process of becoming an Electrical Engineer, and I very much adore everything to do with engineering and programming. Lately, I've been extremely discouraged by the lack of creative crafting elements in games today. I am extremely excited by what I have heard about the design capabilities of this game. So much so that I can barely type this message legibly (sincere and manic apologies). When I begin playing the game, I am hoping to focus on building and programming buildings, ships, and whatever else the game allows, independently and hopefully collaboratively, once I learn enough to be helpful.
To that end, does anyone have any advice where to start learning the LUA API and the building methods in the game? I have not yet gotten to play the game, and know next to nothing.

Also, does the Pre-Alpha gold access extend into the alpha release, or do I need to purchase the silver in order to do so once it is released?

Finally, any advice on how to use these forums, and where I should look to get started? 

Thank you all, and I hope I can be a useful member of this community in the future.

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