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Greetings Noveans


Here is a crazy idea that might be beneficial to you and everyone else that are here and have yet to come. Of course with the release of DU, alioth  and neighboring planets will be highly contested(this will come up again) and very chaotic as we all get our target goals in order. This Proposal is for after general economy and beneficial work ethic has been established(or not).


If several high ranking orgs are still around and are steadily growing, I suggest they make a Sector Agreement Council. SAC is what I believe will keep DU an enjoyable game for everyone here and those to come, this is how it works. The Big orgs join together and make a council at which will delegate how the Central Sectors(CLS) function and how they will be regulated. The orgs that do this don't merge and be done(Believe me not desired and to much work), they will function as they were built. The only difference is that they're resources will be easily Logistic with the rest(more detail down the road).


Now for the Contested Sectors(CS), these sectors are the areas where there are no Regulations(minus your own), this is where new players can go and try to gain power. What? people will still be able to make their own org and not get completely monopolized by the others(pfft hopefully), yeah people can try their own way in these CSs since there will be plenty of them(Based on the idea of a circle) and gain their own way.


If they successfully gain control of the sector then that is when the CLS can begin negotiations and give the them a seat in the council(I believe that is a good way to grow) and continue the growth of DU as well as show that its not monopoly, and of course the beginning orgs can also try their hand in these CSs, mainly because(Earlier I said there is no regulation in the Contested Sectors) anything goes in the CSs. Literally anything, from raiding a cargo ship to blowing up the entire surface of a planet and/or a moon.


Like I said a crazy that has a very high chance of not working, figured this would be better than having a single org or multiple orgs causing trouble for everyone at the start, and a central government could work but then it would be kind of boring without an apposing force(real or not), so central government of organization that has chaos all around seemed a little better.


I might update this from time to time.


for now goodbye and safe travels


Please let me know if you have extra thoughts or concerns about this system, every single one will be noted and pondered.


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