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Cinematic Shots


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I am a video editor in hart and soul. I love to invest my time in making cinematics but on most of my favorite games this is sadly not possible or only with certain mods.


On my wishlist for this game, a cinematic mode will make me very happy so when we are allowed to share footage of the game I can create some good stuff with my community.


If this is not possible or wanted then please make an option that you can dissable your UI and Gun/Tools so you can take shots from a First Person perspective.


Thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments below :D

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1 hour ago, virtuozzo said:

So .. basically options to strip UI, but do you mean in full, or selectively?

Well not exactly scripting, basically keep it simple by for example do CTRL+F5 to dissable your HUD and such so you can take cinematic shots from a First Person perspective. <- I prefere this option more actually, I’ll tell you why in the cinematic mode idea just a few lines below.


Or have a Cinematic Mode were a camera will detach from your character to fly around and make cinematic shots that way, “altough I think that could be abused aswel by spying on other organizations so I don’t think the devs will add that” but all I am asking is that opportunity to be able to make sick cinematic video’s for this game eather by using a free cam or just simply being able to dissable your HUD :)

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24 minutes ago, Nanoman said:

There's also an idea floating around for having camera drones at some point (probably future expansion), because it could be used to solve several things.

- Third person view.

- Spying/ambush/recon/exploration gameplay.

- Streaming, recording and cinematic purposes as you propose.

- Etc.


So I guess this is another upvote for the camera drone idea. Personally I like it.


I believe that ended up as being considered, though I might be confusing this with advanced camera controls (positioning, so not camera drone constructs).

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