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Rebellion Recruitment

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The Rebellion
Race: Human or wise man
Goverment type: Republic democercy mixed with stratocracy
The Rebellion is A Military style government Bent to rebel against the most powerful organization in turn becoming the most powerful organization in DU by any means nessisary.
What can The Rebellion provide?
Pvp otherwise known as War:
Want to bathe in the blood of your enemies? Do you want to take there head and throw it in a space time vortex along with the rest of there organization? Or would you Just like to see the galaxy burn? We can do that and more with the most Advance millitary in DU we will turn you into a one man army able to destroy a captial ship with a loan fighter at your command.
It is treason then...
Cheif engineers:
Demons run when The Rebellion go to war but not only do we love war we need advanced critical thinkers to build complex war fleets.
Economic exploitation:
We dont just weaponize your children to fight a everlasting war we are also instrested in people who can exploit the econemy of DU for there and Rebellions's own gain.
Intel gathering Perhaps a gun doesn't suit you. Become a spee Someone who can bring down organizations without lifting a finger.
Diplomat negotiations:
Like to make friends or persuade others to do your will? Well even a rebel needs Assets....
Master architect:
Masters of engineering you could become able to forge massive bases able to overwhelm the strongest of enemy's.
Perhaps you would rather scout out bases and explore the stars and guide the Rebellions fleets to victory.


Join Rebellion's proccessing discord https://discord.gg/kWRsDHM  And fill out a application or bring in diplomatic or trade negotations as a repersentive of a organization

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