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Salvaging and Repairs


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Good evening all 

I have had a look through a lot of the forum posts but I (personally) could not see anything regarding this.


In the repair option which was shown in one of the videos there are scrap options for repairs would these come about by salvaging war zones and if so will there be a skill tree set for this type of work? Just asking as it could be a very profitable business :D o7



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Salvaging brings up a lot of questions I don't think have ben answered or maybe not even asked like : # 1 if I destroy a enemy base that has a TU/ Territory Unit and replace it with my TU/ Territory Unit does that give me rights our even salvage to that base I have just taken over?


#2 If I destroy a ship and its control unit can I now salvage that ship?  What if I destroy the control unit and put in my own control unit would that make the ship now mine and the new owner of that ship?

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