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What do you guys think about adding fully customisable/scriptable exosuits?


Let's say the exosuit follows an abstract physics system. We'll split the parts up into arms/legs/torso-head:


Arms: more mass = less recoil but slower reloading/aiming/ rotation

Legs: more mass= less stagger but slower movement

Torso: more mass= less stagger but slower rotation

In all cases more mass = more armor (taking into account the density of material used)

More mass all round = hard to change inertia.

Different types of jet pack could also be attached in addition to parts which alter the capabilities of the suit. Like scopes, ambulatory aids, shields, night vision, spider boots etc.

As for jet packs more lift is needed for more mass. The jet pack positioning will be locked to the upper back so you don't get people flying around with rocket dicks.


With LUA scripting the parts will act like those of a ship but with constraints. For example the jet packs will just be locked to basic controls as if you were a player and torquing wont apply.


As for structure there will be a base form that destructible voxels will be made to conform to. They will be warped into trapezoids with spheroid tops and bottoms to flow over the surface. Since the voxels are destructible you can strategically open up weak points in the armour.

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