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Unpowered Personal Transports(POST ON THE OTHER THREAD)

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Please post on the other thread. 


I was thinking that there could be Unpowered personal transport such as bicycles, skis, wingsuits/hang gliders, and the like. Possible usage of these items include:


Covert Operations: I assume while constructs stay when you log out, player avatars and their items/equipment don't, allowing for spies to hide their tracks more easily. Even if they don't, this might make for a much more discreet method of getting around undetected over longer distances.


Open Military Operations: In cases where armored vehicles and other powered tools and the logistics train to support them may be unavailable or limited, such as getting a foothold on a hostile planet(think orbital paratroopers), or just regular paratroopers, equipping soldiers with means of personal unpowered transport may be a good idea. 


Personal transport: In rough terrain or in crowded areas, using cars or aircraft may be unfeasible. 


Sport: see DICE



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