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Quantum Spire Conglomerate is now recruiting and we would be honored for you to join us as we settle in our new home. 


That's right we want YOU!


Join an organization that cares for you and will help you find purpose and meaning all while you do what you love! We have many fields of operation such as, but not limited to:


 - Mining and resource gathering

 - Industry and ship production

 - Construction and building design 

 - Security and asset protection 

 - Military and warfare

 - Business and Market trading


We want to help you succeed as well as we want to provide the benefits you deserve. No one should have to play alone and we do hope you join us TODAY!


Feel free to contact a recruiter on our Discord:




Or join join our organization immediately at:



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Currently we are trying to ramp up members as we are few. We intend to build capital ships capable of transporting resources to the far reaches of space, build battleships and capital combat ships capable of both transporting vast fleets as well as crushing those who threaten peace. Our goal is to first leave Alioth asap to venture for more resources, some are welcome to stay behind to help others get on their feet as quickly as can happen as well. Using 3rd party communications we hope to keep everyone up to date with events and progress of our presence in this new area of space. Once we have the ability to, we plan on creating a center for peace where those under oppression can find refuge and those seeking peace and safety can speak with representatives about starting new operations in new sectors. Also this will be a center where new build orders can be discussed. There are of course plans to increase after this, but for now we are going to start with what we can and try to give hope to those who want a fresh start and to those seeking to do what they love in a group that accepts all kinds of life. For we all have to start somewhere. 

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