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Ship Weapon systems?


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I'm here wondering what weapon systems for ships will be available in game? I have a few idea's and I'll discuss their uses but I do not know if these kinds of weapons will be in the final game these ideas are my own theories.


Plasma Weaponry - Now if your an Avid Sci-Fi reader like my self you'll know Plasma is a popular idea, Although in space i wouldn't say it is, Plasma is let's say essentially super heated Gas and Space is a Vacuum, no air and very very cold so over distance the Plasma is going to lose heat and disperse which will at best make it only a decent short range weapon, and in space you want long range weapons so Plasma weaponry on a ship i think would be best for just Point Defense, in fact it'd be great as an Infantry weapon as well.


Missiles - A classic piece of weaponry which could have many different types and uses, you could have your usual explosive ones to destroy targets or you could have ECM ones to confuse the enemy scanners and make them think you have more missiles than you launched, In fact you could have a load of very small missiles used for point defense purposes taking down large enemy missiles.


Lasers - Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, this is what Laser stands for so it is essentially concentrated light to form a very hot beam (How many of us have gotten a Magnifying glass on a sunny day and murdered thousands of bugs?) And it has an effect on Earth but what would it be like in space with no Atmosphere to block most of the Radiation and refract the sun light? Why you'd get a 100% certified death beam and since Light travels very fast you have a great Point defense system and if the enemy don't have some strong ceramic armor then Lasers would be devastating in ship to ship combat.


Rail guns - A classic weapon, compared to the others listed so far its simple and easy and if enemy ships do have ceramic armor to prevent lasers then Missiles and Rail guns are the way to go, the great thing is once the rail gun round reaches top speed it's not going to stop until it hits some thing, so i guess Rail gun's are simple but what about their Rounds? Why you could stuff explosives in the middle of one so once it pierces enemy armor it explodes inside doing untold damage! (Essentially a Smart round.)


Mass Driver - A cousin of the Rail gun, this could be used to launch very large objects at an enemy ship.


Now i did this post on a whim and there may be more weapons that i did not mention (Torpedo's, but no idea how these would work in space?) if you can think of some just leave a post!

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