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The Ones who will bring the Change

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"What are we supposed to do now?"


"Rebuilt Civilisation"


"But how? I mean...we are alone on an unknown Planet"


"Exactly.... We"


"Ahh... you know what I mean. Ain't nobody will work all together... maybe in small Groups but Not all of them. Someday they'll leave each other alone and doing their own thing."


"Maybe yes... maybe not. We will see"


"We will see, we will see... damn it, We're going to See a lot of dead people while on the other Hand we will see a few ones wich doesn't care."


"Nobody knows how time will take influence on the people. Just wait for the right moment"


"Wait.. pff... time's up to do things now!

And what 'right Moment' you're talking about?"


"To gather all the lost souls and form a better society, not a perfect one but one wich keeps trying."


"That is what I was talking about! Nice you've noticed yet"


"Listen: You have to spread the Word. The Word of the Greater Good. It wants all the ones who See the True meaning of it living together."


"What about those who doesn't See the Truth? If we kill them We're not better then some other people"


"The ones who refuse to see the Truth, they will be left unharmed. Listen: Everyone can join the Society itself or becoming our Partner, those who seek to destroy us, they have to be destroyed. The ones wich doesn't want to collaborate with us even if they were left unharmed one day, all those who prevent the Society of The Greater Good of doing something important to us will be asked a second time to join or become Allies. If they refuse again, destroy them. It will happen but if it does,remind: Its for the Greater Good"


"But why me? Why do I have to do all the work?"


"It's not work if you do it with friends. And why you? Because you are the one Who will bring the Change. You and your friends in the Society of the Greater Good, are the ones who will bring the Change. Now go and spread the Word: A peacefull Society will rise, you can be Part of it, just belive in the Society and the Greater Good"


"We are the ones who will bring the Change"


(Sorry for Bad english, im German giving my best tho. Any questions about this? Just ask i'll try and answer them as good as possible)

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