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Omfgreenhair, Greed is Good

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Hello there fellow space folks!

My name is Omfgreenhair and I'm looking for an adventure. A capitalism love story, if you will. One where I partake in building the industry needed for all your little projects.


You see, while there are so many big dreamers here, they always leave out the part where they grind resources for days if not weeks on end. Especially all those trademarked stuff on "1:1 scale" is going to burn through resources like a banking giant through tax money.


I'm able to set up infrastructures for large mining operations and mass production! I've got experience from other universes such as minecraft, Space Engineers, ARK: Survival Evolved and more where I ALWAYS find a way to automate almost the entire production line from getting it out of the ground to turning it into refined material ready for use.

With that as my curriculum vitae I'm looking for a corporation that will sell their products to anyone and anything. I don't wish to discriminate, when selling my wares, against those who choose a more... interesting career or beleive.

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