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In order to make the game more interesting, I think that major components should consist of subcomponents. For example, one of the basic components now would be a power component. Presumably at higher tech and fabrication skill levels, a power component would produce higher output, be smaller and more durable than older designs. I think it would be more fun if a powerplant consisted of subcomponents which could be researched and designed independently and could be assembled into a resellable product.


Say you want to make fusion plants. A fusion plant would have a combustion chamber, a magnetic containment bottle, a laser array, a fuel injector and depending on whether it is meant to produce electricity or be used to power a fusion rocket, it would have a dynamo or a thruster. Each of these components could have its own independent properties, methods, interfaces and tech/skill tree, which could make the job building, maintaining and repairing damage to fusion plants an interesting and challenging role for a player to specialize in.

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