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Found 1 result

  1. HI Team Situation: You are a member of a ship crew, mid battle, you know that parts of the engine and wing are shot to hell and about to fail. But you are inside the ship and unable to repair an item through the hull of a ship. Going for a space walk to repair them risks you being flung of into space as the ship is still under fire and manoeuvring heavily. Are you about to become the spoils of war? Solution - Part 1: From your arm console you select the repair option and then select the ships 'Repair Blueprint'. You zoom into the throbbing red part of the blueprint, click on it, and the blueprint, knowing your current position in the ship, guides your arm and repair tool targeting sensors to triangulate and make the repairs to the selected area/part - no matter what physically lays between you, and the part that needs repair. Now your repair tools range will be determined by: your characters repair range skill as well as whatever upgrades/enhancements are actually on your repair tool. Any bonuses that the RT gives you, described below. The above is combined with..... Solution - Part 2: Ships can be complex beasts, and as a designated Ship Repair Technician, you may not have all the materials needed to repair the ship on you. Here we introduce the "Repairs Tank", or RT for short. When a ship repair technician enters a ship, assuming the ships RDMS system has them as repair crew, they must link to the ships The Repairs Tank, RT, for this system to work. (Would be a horrible realisation to make in the midst of battle that you still needed to do it..... oh what fun! ) Naturally the ships owner should ensure that essential materials to repair the ship are in the RT for the system to work as expected. The ships RDMS might also allow ship repair technicians to add materials into the RT. The ships owner also needs to mate the RT with the ships Repair Blueprint. This mating becomes the key to repairs as it ensures that material in the RT can ONLY be used to repair that particular ships blueprint. (This mating might also be done at the ships construction stage - not sure about this as its a decision that NQ would have to make) As mentioned in Part 1, the RT may also have some 'repair field enhancement' that allows it to improve a repair tools focusing field and hence boost range, or speed, or both. The level of an RT may also determine how many concurrent users it can support - this might be related to the size of an RT. Small, medium, large and holy crap! This would allow for various enhancements/tech levels on an RT, potentially making the difference between repairing an engine before it blows, and the death of a ship. This ships equipped with an RT may be a harder ship to destroy, assuming the ship repair technicians are on their game. So what do you guys think? Are the Repair Blueprints and Repairs Tanks ideas a good addition to game play within DU? NQ, is this something worth working on? Cheers
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