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Found 2 results

  1. So, I just watched an hour of Dual Universe gameplay, and I had a few questions about it. 1. Will we have to gather enough resources to build, or will we be given an infinite supply to build to our hearts content? 2. When building off the source block, is there a mirror option, so you can copy every precise detail you've done onto the other side? 3. If someone builds a large cruiser or battleship, will there be a feature when someone can open up hangar doors to let a smaller fighter into a landing bay? 4. How will the gravity work on the larger ships? Will players just be drawn to the nearest planet, or will the direction in which the source block was placed have something to do with it? 5. Are there parts that can rotate? For example, if I was building the Slave 1 from Star Wars, would I be able to put in a rotating cockpit so the pilot is always level? If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not in the pre-alpha, and I don't have enough money lying around to just buy my way right in. Answers would be helpful. Thanks in advance! And also a "thanks, jerk" and a "Why even" in advance. Who knows how this might go.
  2. What I've enjoyed the most and I think made the game so much fun is the ability to have criteria on every resource type. Depending on them you can craft average/good/great items, which makes mining a very important task, so territory control. The crafted items (gun, turret for instance) would have many criteria which value will be computed from the resource's ones (and maybe also the crafting skills). Doing so makes the game so much fun/competitive on the crafting side and the efficiency of a given organization depends not only on its size and cheer production level, but also on the quality of the miner/crafters. A "minecraft" only approach is good enough... for minecraft, but for a MMO with PvP I think it would be too limited. people going for crafting skills would want such complexity, otherwise crafting is only about grinding and repeating process, no research to produce the best crafted item. I was a big fan of Star Wars Galaxies for this reason, it was very (too much certain would say, I think) rich on this matter and made the whole game not only about "looting" items in dungeon (which is something Dual won't have too). I really hope it's something that could be possible. I realize it's "big" feature with a lot of implications: you have to consider if the resources are spawning in a permanent way or for a fixed or slight flexible period of time (every week or so). Miners have to use a resource detector to spot the available resource and see their criteria. If you enable Extractors, then players have to move them frequently (also an interesting gaming situation, with interesting gameplay outcomes).
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