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Found 2 results

  1. Scanning and mining devblog was added recently. And this got me thinking: One of the base ideas of all the mechanics in DU is to make it easy to use but hard to master. There is mastery in the form of both character skills and player experience. Can mining be made more interesting than point and click and the better the tool the more efficient the mining will be? I am not talking about the logistic of moving the material after it has been mined which could be an issue all on its own but rather this is about the mining itself. It has been mentioned elsewhere that the deeper you mine there is potential for heat dangers (Such as minecrafts lava pools). Other natural hazards such as gas pockets could also be an issue. I feel these should be done very carefully as they could easily become an annoyance and not actually make the game play any different. How about an increased or decreased efficiency in mining at a certain angle or from a certain direction, like with or against the "grain" or strata of a certain resource. Why this is interesting is that hand mining will more easily follow the changes of the resources strata while a digging machine will lose some of that efficiency. Can you think of other ways to spice up the mining?
  2. Scanning and mining devblog was added recently. And this got me thinking: Could scanning for constructs be done similarly? But instead of the type of resource dictating what type of scan is required, the elements on/material of the construct itself dictates how susceptible the construct is to the various scans. Similarly to prospecting one could use the radial scan to detect the absence/presence of a construct and then use a directional scan to get a better idea of its location. This is especially useful for finding an active construct. Inactive constructs will be much more difficult if not impossible to find. Another thought perhaps dedicated long range directional scanners pointed out to space could give an indication of the presence of another system. Through triangulation, this could give an indication of how far away that system is. Detecting the presence of another system is the first step to going to it.
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